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custom it solutions, quantitative research and back office services for financial institutions, scientists and independent managers

Our Services

We offer custom Business Intelligence solutions for Independent Financial Institutions and Managers.
Our focus is on understanding what you want to do, and how you want to do it.
The aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to deliver the value you want.

Our business applications are available both in "Software as a Service" and proprietary models.

Middle & Back Office Support

Funds' Auxilium specializes in middle- and back-office support services and fund administration for hedge funds, fund managers and high net worth family wealth managers.

Accounting and Fund Valuation

We provide to our customers quality IT, data processing solutions and outsourcing services that enable them to leverage the use of Information Technology to focus on assets growth.

Data Mining and Web Research

Our research activities cover Data Mining services and Web research services that help our customers get critical information for their analysis and decision making in real time.

Cloud Based
Analytics & Reporting

Our extensive use of technology enables us to provide an unparalleled level of service to our clients enabling them to seamlessly manage funds from anywhere in the world.


FUNDGOV™ Database is an ongoing effort to provide transparency on governance practices in the fund management industry. Initially focusing on the independent fund directors in the alternative investment industry, information is extracted from publicly available sources filed principally with government, regulatory and self-regulatory agencies worldwide and then cross-referenced for easy access.

Data is obtained from various governmental and regulatory websites as well as from institutional investors who publish details of their investment portfolios. In order to register please visit project web page.


Since 2010 under the brand of IMMERGO™ ADVANCED RESEARCH METHODS and with use of proprietrary software "GEX" we deliver qualitative research services to scientific teams and individual researchers. We create lab based and online research computerized tools, create research hardware and electronics, plan and execute research projects.

Our clients represtent top scientific research facilites from: University of Warsaw, Jagiellonian University, Institute of Psychology Polish Academy of Sciences, Nencki institute of experimental biology, University of Social Sciences and Humanities and University of California San Diego.

Universal McCann in Warsaw is our main client in consumer research market. This cooperation led to the development of "Relevant Awareness Measurement" research method and was honoured with "Impactor" award for the best research product of 2011. We specialize in longitudinal research methods (cognitive trainings, diaries), cognitive tests and etnographic studies.

"GEX" is an browser based application crafted with JAVA, HTML5+JS, WebGL technologies. We use "GEX" in execution of simple and complex online/offline research protocoles. With use of WebGL we create browser based research tools (cognitive test) that allow for milisecond precision stimulus presentation and reseponse time measurement. Moreover in Chrome browser environment and with use of proprietrary hardware solution, our tools cooperate with measuring devices such us EEG, MRI and other physiological signals. We host our applications in dynamicly scaling infrastructure (Jelastic from dogado GmbH) and for content delivery we relly on Amazon Web Services and Flowplayer solutions.

About us

Founded in 2007, clients of Funds' Auxilium have included a supranational institution, a Big 4 audit firm and several BVI and Cayman based hedge funds. Our most recognizable customer was The World Bank, for whom we have conducted two world-wide studies.

Our team

Jan Skorko

CEO / Database Developer

Adam Łapiński

Accountant / Data Analyst

Michał Skorko

Web Developer

Joanna Skorko

Project Manager

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